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Inun articolo apparso su un giornale di Malta, l’impresario Johann Said cheattualmente gestisce il tour del Circo Acquatico della famiglia Dell’Acqua sull’isoladi Gozo, propone una cauzione di 50.000 € per i circhi a garanzia del fatto chesul territorio di Malta non vengano violate le regole per la correttastabulazione degli animali e dunque non vi siano maltrattamenti nei circhi. Eprovocatoriamente, qualora passasse in via definitiva la legge che impedisce l’attivitàa Malta di circhi con animali, minaccia di portare il pubblico a Catania avedere i circhi italiani, attraverso pacchetti turistici.

Circus promoter suggests €50,000 bank guarantee

Animal circus regulations should be imposed onpromoters, says circus and football impresario Johann Said.

Animal circus promotersbringing circuses to Malta should face fines and penalties if animals are foundto have been mistreated, circus promoter Johann Said has said.

In what appears to be alast-ditch effort to convince government to reverse a proposal to ban animalcircuses, Said argued that promoters or organisers should be asked to submit abank guarantee of €50,000 when bringing circus animals to Malta.

“IfAnimal Welfare Department officers or veterinarians find the animals to havebeen mistreated, then the promoter would automatically lose his bankguarantee,” he said.

The Labour government announcedin Budget 2014 that animal circuses would be banned as from this year.Acknowledging that the government could have a popular mandate to ban thecircuses, Said said he still wished to voice his proposals to the government.

Having been involved in thecircus business since he was seven years of age due to his family’s businessinterests, Said grew up working with these performers. This year he brought anaquatic circus to Malta.

“When God closes one door,another opens… and I am already thinking of setting up an agency to take Maltesefamilies to see the Circo Moira Orfei in Catania next Christmas,”he said.

While a petition supportinganimal circuses has gained 5,000 votes, Said insisted this show of support wasnot enough. “The issue should not be about collecting signatures butshowing that the Maltese love animal circuses.

But to ensure that regulationsare being followed, the responsibility should be placed on the organiser.”

Said said the demand for hiscircus in Victoria, Gozo, was “so high” that he extended it byanother week.

Said also confirmed that evenMPs from both sides of the House – who soon have to vote on a bill banninganimal circuses – took their children to his circus.

Meanwhile, Animal RightsCoalition spokeswoman Myriam Kirkmond urged the government not to bow to thepressure of circus promoters.

“The government haselectoral mandate to ban animal circuses. If it does not condemn animalcircuses, Malta would be taking a step backwards and become an uncivilisedcountry,” Kirkmond claimed.

“Any MPs who visit thecircus are setting a bad example, more so if they take their children withthem. Anyone who is elected by the majority of the general public should takeinto account the opinion of the majority: which is against animalcircuses,” Kirkmond said, in light of circus promoters claiming MPs werein attendance during their circus shows.

On the other hand, in responseto the gathering of 5,000 signatures in favour of animal circuses, the ARCspokeswoman insisted that the petition is immaterial as the government haselectoral mandate to ban animal circuses.

Asked whether the ARC foreseesthe launch of a counter-petition, she said that the animal rights coalitionwould wait before taking such a step.

“The ARC will nevercompromise on animals’ rights with circus promoters or anyone else for thatmatter. Animals should be kept in their natural habitat not in cages and forthe amusement of circus promoters,” Kirkmond said.

“Apart from physical harm,circus animals also suffer psychologically due to their constant travel andstress. Consequently, it is immaterial whether circus promoters would submit abank guarantee to safeguard animals’ health.”

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