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In queste ore il Circo Viviana Orfeisi sta imbarcando dalla Sicilia alla volta di Malta. Saranno dunque due icirchi italiani in azione sull’isola di Malta per le Feste. L’Acquatico (famiglia Marcello Dell’Acqua) e il Circo Viviana Orfei di Alvaro Bizzarro.


Ecco un articolo di stampa cheannuncia che si tratta degli ultimi due circhi con animali prima del divieto aMalta di coinvolgimento degli animali negli spettacoli di circo.




Last two animal circusesin Malta before banimposed

There will be two circuses featuring animals in Malta this Christmasseason, with Circo Viviana ORFEI being set up on Manoel Island and CircoAcquatico in Marsa, just weeks before the ban on animal circuses is expected tocome into force.

As well as jugglers, magicians, clowns and acrobats, Circo VivianaORFEI, brought to Malta by promoter Silvio Zammit, has tigers, horses andponies, a hippopotamus, camels, donkeys, a zebra, a lama, and ostrich and anemu, among others.

In their advertisements, the promoters of both circuses are saying thatthey will be here for the last time.  

In a statement to the media on Friday, Mr Zammit said the Manoel IslandCircus will be giving two or three shows a day between 13 December and 5January. He points out that Circo Viviana ORFEI is established in Italy andhas, for generations, respected tradition and animal rights. All the animalshave been born in captivity and the circus owners treat them as other peopletreat their pets.

Shows by Circo Acquatico, the marine animal circus, were planned tostart yesterday evening. Circus Malta, the company owned by Johann Said, ispromoting the shows on Facebook and has been selling tickets in Valletta forthe past few weeks.

Penguins, seals, pelicans and dogs were seen in Youtube videos of the2011-2012 show by the same company and snakes, a crocodile and fish were intheir 2009 promotional video.

The draft legislation to ban circuses was published early last month andthe public was given until 1 December to make comments on it. It was presumedthe ban would be in place for this year’s festive season, but organisersmanaged to bring the circuses to Malta just in time.

The draft regulations address a long-standing bone of contention andseek to prohibit the use of “wild animals” for performances, exhibitions andshows, and also ban the training of animals for such a purpose. It is alsoproposed, logically enough, to ban the advertising and/or promotion of animalcircuses.

The draft regulations – Prohibitionof Wild Animals in Circuses Regulations, published by the Ministryfor Sustainable Development, the Environment and Climate Change – define a“wild animal” as “an animal that is a member of a species not normallydomesticated in Malta”.

According to the draft regulations, anyone contravening the regulationswill be liable to a prison term of up to a year and a fine of between €30,000and €50,000, the cancellation of their permit and the closing down of theircircus.

Moreover, upon conviction the court will also have the power to order thetreatment and the relocation or forfeiture of wild animals that have been usedin circuses, with related costs to be borne by the convicted party.

The absolute majority (94 per cent) of those who submitted their viewsas to whether or not a ban should be introduced replied positively. Some 398individuals and NGOs participated in the public consultation, which was held inthe summer.

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